Finland introducing residency artists

The second residency held in August is hosted by the Arts Academy of Turku University of Applied Sciences in Finland. The selected residency artists will work together within the theme Social Impact and Environmental Sustainability. The residency takes place on 26 August – 7 September 2024.

Each of the selected artists bring a unique approach and skillset to the residency. The idea is that the different talents will compliment each other in an interesting way. As a result the group will get to cross-pollinate the practices and to share this 2-week creative process in an adventurous space for creative discoveries. “The residency in Turku will be a chance to share and deepen those practices, surprise ourselves and create something special together. The emphasis will be in exploring tactile, multisensory and immersive art”, describes the mentor of the residency, Maiju Tainio.

Meet the artists

Hannah Carberry 

Playwright, arts facilitator
Hannah Carberry is a playwright and youth arts facilitator from County Waterford, Ireland. Her work primarily explores themes of community and human relationships, and blends humor with poignancy. In 2019, she graduated from the University of Galway with an MA in Playwriting & Dramaturgy and has since gone on to work with arts organizations both nationally and abroad. Her journey as an international artist began in 2021, when she participated in the Move Your Limits Erasmus+ program alongside artists from Ireland, Norway, Italy and Poland. She then went on to join the BUZZ Network, which enables youth arts facilitators to share their practices across seas and borders. She has a lifelong interest in travel and international cultures.

LinkedIn: Hannah Carberry  
Instagram: @hannah_carberry_writer 

Jena Jang

Vocalist and experimental musician
Jena Jang is an extended vocalist and experimental music improviser from Seoul, South Korea, currently based in Prague, Czechia. They explore innovative healing through vocal improvisation, screaming, microphone feedback, and somatic movements like head hanging. This is combined with DIY synths, standalone sound devices, and amplified, ready-made objects. Their aim is to transcend negative memories, like old traumas, transforming them into lightness while developing methods of sonic detoxification. 

Instagram: @xena_xang
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Filip Jaśkiewicz

Director, collage artist, stage designer 
Filip Jaśkiewicz is a director, collage artist and sometimes stage designer. Filip graduated in directing at Academy of Theatre Arts in Cracow, branch in Wrocław, Poland. He is interested in kid’s fantasy, worldmaking as an art and working with objects. His latest show “The Little Prince’’ was created at the Banialuka Theater in Bielsko-Biała, Poland. Apart from directing and collage, he is also interested in art as research as he took part in International Performative Conference Lalka Nova 2 with his concept for “The Perfoplaygrounds’. 

Instagram: @filip.jaskiewicz 

Panagiotis Laganas

Dance artist, performer, educator 
Panagiotis Laganas is a self-trained dance artist/performer and an educator. Laganas has worked as a freelance artist with dance and theatre companies and teaching regular improvisation classes and qigong. His academic background lies in philosophy and mathematics, a past that serves as a subtle but powerful underpinning for his artistic expression and research. As for Lagana´s practice and training, it significantly involves improvisation and instant composition. He likes to experiment with other fields of performing arts and draw inspiration from different disciplines. 

Instagram: @0dil0.n 

Halina Mihutskaya

Performing artist
Belarus-born Halina Mihutskaya started her artistic journey in Odesa, Ukraine, where she participated in various productions. Her recent works in Odesa include the interdisciplinary 5-hour performance Bacchae by D. Kostiumynskyi and a solo play In My Whirlpool by D. Kostiumynskyi and N. Prokopenko. She got her second degree in Arts with honors in Amsterdam, where she also completed a program with Zid Theatre for emergency artists. She restarted her artistic activities in 2023, concentrating on combining different acting practices and highlighting the importance of the liberation of the body and authentic movement. Halina has written several plays and directed stage readings of them. She also conducts acting workshops for individuals interested in developing their personalities and seeking ways to enhance their creativity, body, and voice capabilities. Furthermore, Halina continues performing, and at present, she is developing and performing her solo performance “She Is Growing Potatoes”, which explores the trauma of displacement and losing roots. 

Facebook: Halina Mihutskaya & Jagoda Lasota 
Instagram: @halina_and_more & @lasotyzm 


Maiju Tainio

Director, puppeteer and visual artist
Maiju Tainio is a trailblazer of Finnish contemporary puppetry – playwright, director, puppeteer and visual artist. Working as a multidisciplinary theatre visualist and drawing from myths, human consciousness and the essence of phenomena has shaped her theatre language and her way of writing and directing. Her work also includes site-specific, immersive, applied and documentary theatre as well as visual art and performance. She is an active member of Tehdas Teatteri, one of the main stages for contemporary Finnish puppetry and Aura of Puppets, a completely artist-led puppetry collaboration network. Tainio avoids boxes and definitions but feels most at home creating concepts, creatures and spaces that entice into conscious play and questioning foregone conclusions.

Instagram: @umamimamau

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