About the project

Theatre in Palm project is a first ever Creative Europe platform project for theatre art. 

It brings together 12 partners from all over Europe to collaborate and co-create in an international and intercultural platform.

Who are emerging artists?

Emerging artists are

  • theatre or performing arts students
  • recent graduates (0-5 years)
  • other newcomers in the field of professional theatre
  • people interested in gaining new professional competences and making new openings in the field of performing arts

Project objectives are to

  • increase the visibility and the circulation of European emerging artists and works outside their own borders
  • increase access to and participation in cultural events and activities, as well as audience engagement and development
  • support emerging artists and cultural performers to co-create, cooperate, and promote their work

Project Members

Turku UAS is coordinating this massive and intriguing project as a pioneer when it comes to coordinating a Creative Europe platform project in Finland. Other members of the consortium consist of different cultural and theatre organizations from 11 European countries. The members are foundations, theatre companies, institutes, art and production centers:

Project Activities

During the 3-year duration of the project the group will among other things.

  • create an European Theatre co-programming plan for emerging artists recovery and support
  •  organize 24 emerging artist mobilities and 3 rounds of residencies for emerging artists with the participation 240 artists
  • organize 72 European Theatre labs, two international 3-day Theatre Academies (in Portugal & Sweden) and two festivals (in Ireland and Cyprus)
  • on the final year run a theatre roadshow

The project will also create a common communication strategy with extensive dissemination plan. As part of the dissemination the project will at the end of the project collect a digital repository of showcases.

Description of activities

Digital Coffee Talks

  • A way to connect, exchange experiences and share ideas.
  • Every participating country has their own turn to choose the topic of the talk and lead the conversation.
  • All the talks are online and open for all!

Theatre Academies

  • International academies are full of different kind of training activities online and onsite.
  • The first Academy is in Portugal in April 2023 hosted by JÁ International Theatre.
  • The second one is in August 2024 hosted by Intercult in Sweden.

European Theatre Labs

  • National or international training activities.
  • Hosted by participating countries.
  • Labs can be workshops, masterclasses, talks and other events.

Theatre Festivals

  • Two International festivals of theatre professionals where performances will be introduced and discussed.
  • Co-productions of young emerging artists will be showcased during the festival.
  • The festivals will be organized in Cyprus and Ireland with 3-days duration each.

Emerging Artists' Residencies

  • The residences are tool for cooperation and co-creation among emerging artists.
  • Digital, blended and onsite residencies in each country.
  • The residencies will support the interaction among couples or group of professionals, with common interest and ideas.
  • The result of each residency is the creation of intellectual product such as artwork, play, script, happening and actor play.

Theatre Movement

  • Working on local co-productions and happenings aiming to enhance the involvement of emerging artists as disabled/social inclusion groups but also within the topic of equality.
  • 5 events per platform member.

Go & See Group Mobilities

  • Mobilities of experts and emerging artists among the platform members.
  • These activities aim to enhance the deeper cooperation among the artists coming from the platform members countries and the organizations themselves, ensure the common happenings or topics exploration and create co-products with social impact.

Theatre Roadshow

  • Various local activities for organizations, artists and professionals from the cultural and creative sector.
  • One month of duration in each platform member country.
  • The aim of the “Theatre Roadshow” is to create a nomadic journey through all the partners countries, nominating one country per month.