A stage for emerging artists

Ready to embark on your journey as an emerging theatre artist?

Joining our platform is your first step towards a world of opportunities. Theatre in Palm platform brings together emerging theatre artists all over Europe to co-operate, create, learn and grow professionally in a safe and accessible online environment. Join the creative community of artists and start your journey with us!

By registering you can easily connect with artists and theatre organizations, get visibility, look for partners and collaborators, find useful information and much more.

Be curious, share, explore and don’t be afraid to take the first step!

Theatre in Palm is 

  • A community – Being a part of our platform means becoming a part of a supportive community of like-minded individuals, who share your passion for theatre art. You’ll find encouragement, inspiration, and a network of peers who understand your journey. By sharing and dialoging about different interests, themes, challenges or artistic methods you can nourish your own work and growth. 
  • A showcase for artists – Getting noticed in the competitive world of theatre can be challenging. Our platform offers you a stage to gain exposure and recognition. Whether you’re looking for acting roles, directing opportunities, or even behind-the-scenes positions, our events can put you in the spotlight. 
  • A platform full of possibilities  Take the most out of the platform and immerse yourself in the world of theatre art. The platform offers various events, ranging from festivals, roadshows and academies to local theatre movements and residencies. Stay also tuned for open calls and job postings!

At heart, it’s about creating trust. Nurturing hope in a turbulent world. Finding common themes and ground. Meeting and interacting with open mind. Together. 

Theatre in Palm is also for theatre organizations!

By joining, you can for example create and share events with emerging artists, post open calls, network with artists and other organizations, create job postings and much more. The theatre organizations who are part of the platform commit to the criteria of the European Fair Theatre Label.