Local Theatre Movement – SKIES

Grand Hotel Palace, Thessaloniki , Greece

In a dark room, an internal, psychological and heartbreaking dialogue begins between Martha and her dead mother, Olga. The daughter is haunted, haunted by the…

LAGO – A solo by Martina Kosta Diankova

Naruteatteri, Turku UAS Arts Academy Linnankatu 54-60, Turku, Finland

Inspired by the Greek tongue-twister game “Do you have a rabbit?” and the musicality it generates, a dancer will pose an existential career question: «-…

Local Theatre Movement – Teaching Ancient Greek tragedy and comedy

Theatre Organisation of Cyprus, THOC Grigori Afxentiou 9 1096, Nicosia, Cyprus

Teaching Ancient Greek tragedy and comedy, based on student experience. Georgina Kakoudaki, a renowned Theater researcher and Director comes from Athens especially for these workshops.…


Theatre Movement: Inedits Festival


The Inedits Festival, an innovative project aimed at promoting the socio-professional reintegration of artists into the labor market through the exploitation of theatrical art, technology…

Theatre Movement – Polarity 01: Work in Progress

Kleio Theater, Thessaloniki 122 Egnatias street, Thessaloniki, Greece

Save the date! Immerse yourself in an extraordinary experience as we present a groundbreaking performance on December 22nd at 9:00 PM at Kleio Theater, Thessaloniki.…

Theater Movement – Beautiful Souls at Teater Giljotin

Teater Giljotin Torsgatan 41, Stockholm, Sweden

Experience the performance “Beautiful Souls” by Tana Maneva, inspired by Hegel’s concept of the same name, the empty shell, and the pursuit of perfection, big words, and moral superiority.

Theatre Lab – Night Shift

Hearth / Casa Kerim Parfumului street no. 19, Bucharest, Romania

by Mihai Ivașcu Irina (Alexandra Mihaela Dancs) and Mircea (Vlad Benescu) meet and fall in love when neither has anything left to lose. Our characters…

Theatre Movement – Attention Works in Progress

Melina Merkouri Theatre 7, Metamorfoseos street, Thessaloniki, Greece

How long can you wait for a project to be completed? When did the construction of the Thessaloniki Metro acquire a mythological, anecdotal and symbolic…

Theatre Movement – NUVOLICADIRA Landscapes of Climate Change

SEDE EX ACI Via Angelo Secchi 9, Reggio Emilia, Italy

Theatre Movement – NUVOLICADIRA Landscapes of Climate Change On the 4th of May at 5 pm, during the inauguration of the photographic exhibition “NUVOLICADIRA Landscapes…


Theatre Movement – “Tu S.E.I. Antigone”

EX Mangimificio Caffarri - Via Flavio Gioia 3, Reggio Emilia Via Flavio Gioia 3, Reggio Emilia, Italy

The performance "Tu S.E.I. Antigone" combines theatre and social awareness. The performance connects the Antigone of the philosopher Sophocles with the speech by António Gutierrez,…