An Amazing Performance by the emerging artists team “TROCHIES THEATRE”

An inspiring Performance…..

The devised performance by the Theatre Team TROCHIES illuminated the crucial and perpetually unresolved issue of Thessaloniki: the Metro. This multifaceted topic, with its political, economic, cultural, and social implications, had been hidden under the rug for many years. The performance seamlessly interwove various interconnected topics, engaging the audience throughout.

Held on the 29th of March 2024, the show was a sold-out success, with over 200 people in attendance. A key highlight of the performance was its interactive nature, striking a balance between seriousness and comedy.

Special recognition goes to the Emerging Team “TRANSPORT THEATRE” and specifically to:

  • Concept and Direction: Noemi Vasileiadou
  • Original Text and Research: TROCHIES THEATRE Team
  • Dramaturgy: Noemi Vasileiadou, Haris Serdari
  • Original Music Composition: Grigoris Liolios
  • Movement: Mary Giannoula
  • Assistant Director: Charis Serdari
  • Production Organization: Charis Serdari, Sofia Stylianou
  • Lighting Design: Athena Banava
  • Dramaturgy Consultant: Panos Delinikopoulos
  • Scenography / Costume Design Consultant: Maria Karadeloglou
  • Photographers: Vaggelis Evangelou, Stavroula Dolopoulou
  • Communication / Promotion Manager: Lia Kesopoulou

On Stage:

  • Dimitris Goulios
  • Maria Karagkiozidou
  • Vasilis Bogdanos
  • Charis Serdari
  • Sofia Stylianou
  • Musician Grigoris Liolios

The performance was a part of Theatre in Palm Theatre Movement, organized by CUBE.

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