Go&See in 12 European countries: Expanding horizons for emerging artists

Go&See in Reggio Emilia, Italy

“The artist’s journey is a kaleidoscope of inspiration and discovery, where new horizons open up with every step.” – Unknown

Inspiring experiences for performing arts

Go&See was a Theatre in Palm (TIP) artist mobility activity designed to provide emerging theatre artists with enriching international opportunities and inspiring experiences. It enabled them to explore different cultures, collaborate with artists from around the world and explore advanced technologies to enhance their artistic practice.

In the beginning of 2023, altogether 24 artists and professionals in the field of theater and performing arts embarked on a 5-day visit to another TIP country. The participants included dancers, directors, producers, educators, and other creative professionals. The program offered artists the opportunity to embark on inspiring journeys that transcend geographical boundaries. It recognizes that artistic growth and innovation often result from openness to new cultures, artistic traditions and perspectives. By immersing themselves in new environments, participants were given the opportunity to gain deeper understanding of the global artistic community and expand their artistic vision.

“Through international exploration, artists and professionals gain fresh perspectives, challenge their own artistic boundaries, and expand their networks.”

Here is a little glimpse on their journeys.

The dynamic landscape of performing arts

Sarah Patsalidou from Cyprus in Stockholm testing the Virtual Reality.

Sarah Patsalidou from Cyprus in Stockholm testing the Virtual Reality.

In a world where technological advances are revolutionizing the performing arts, traditional boundaries of expression are being challenged. Artists from around the world are coming together to explore the intersection between art and technology, offering performing arts artists many exciting possibilities to inspire and challenge them.

Go&See experiences, from Barcelona to Amsterdam to Lisbon, have highlighted how technology can be used as a powerful tool to enhance the performing arts. In Barcelona, a dynamic city, our emerging artists had the opportunity to discover how classical methods and new technologies merge in the performing arts.



“Getting acquainted with Espronceda‘s activities in Barcelona was an eye-opening experience. The Theatre Lab at Espronceda showcased their innovative approach to digital art, and I had the opportunity to participate in their local Theatre in Palm activity. It was truly inspiring to see how Espronceda merges technology and art. This visit has provided me with new perspectives and inspiration that I can incorporate into my own artistic work, particularly in my ongoing Theatre in Palm project.”

Through meetings with local artists, participants explored the infinite possibilities offered by advanced technologies such as virtual reality, augmented reality and interactive shows. They witnessed breathtaking theatrical scenographies and captivating experiences that fostered empathy and performance. Go&See mobility encouraged participants to push the boundaries of their own artistic practice, using technology as a powerful tool for creative expression. These experiences demonstrate how new and innovative technologies can revolutionize the performing arts, opening up new avenues for exploration and collaboration.

Connecting across borders

During their travels, the Go&See participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in diverse theatrical environments, collaborate with other creators and exchange ideas across cultural boundaries. They learned about sustainable practices in Amsterdam, analyzed societal themes in Lisbon and discovered the integration of technology in Barcelona. These experiences have contributed to the creation of a global network of emerging artists united by their passion for creating meaningful and stimulating shows.

Robert Balan from Romania in the Turku Arts Academy.

In Amsterdam, our artists were hosted by the ZID theater, immersing themselves in the dynamic world of theater.
Participating in rehearsals and collaborating with local artists, they witnessed the pulsating energy of a thriving theater community. They also explored the Dutch art scene, attending gallery openings and discovering stimulating exhibitions that awakened their creativity and deepened their understanding of sustainability and its link to contemporary art.

Go&See mobility also emphasizes the importance of forging connections with other artists and creators across cultural boundaries. Through collaborative projects, workshops and exchanges, participants build a global network of people who share a passion for the performing arts. These links foster lasting relationships, inspire intercultural dialogue and lay the foundations for future artistic collaborations that transcend national borders.



“During my visit to Thessaloniki with OECON, I had an incredible experience exploring the theaters of Thessaloniki and Greece in general, gaining insights into the situation of theaters and the opportunities available for emerging artists in Greece. In addition, I had a productive dialogue with Evita and the participants of the Online Residency at the workplace of “CRAFTOPIA”. We delved into the Greek situation in depth, discussed our needs and aspirations, and explored possibilities for future co-creation and collaboration within the Theatre in Palm project.”

Inspiring future projects: opening the way to new artistic horizons

Go&See experiences opened up new perspectives for the performing arts participants, helping them to bring their artistic projects to fruition. By discovering the transformative potential of technology and experiencing the power of collaboration, these artists are now equipped with the knowledge and inspiration to embark on their own creative projects. Whether exploring the fusion of traditional and contemporary techniques or tackling socially relevant themes, the possibilities are endless for artists wishing to make a lasting impact on the world stage.


“In Amsterdam I visited the ZID Theatre and had a vibrant experience immersing myself in the dynamic world of theatre in Holland.  I also dedicated an entire day to exploring an organization working in the field of ecology, which stimulated my thinking and allowed me to understand how sustainability can be integrated into contemporary art and performative pieces. The period spent at ZID Theatre was highly beneficial for me personally as well as the local partners involved, as it laid thegroundwork for future collaborative projects in the realm of performative art.

Workshop session in Lisbon.

In Lisbon I was welcomed and hosted by JÁ International Theatre and had a wonderful chance to immerse myself in the city´s rich and diverse theatrical environment with them. Through captivating performances and stimulating discussions, we explored themes such as vices, toxic relationships and addiction. Witnessing the power of theater as a medium for reflection and social commentary, I was left with a greater appreciation of the potential of my own art to influence and inspire change in the future.”

A world of inspiration awaits you

As you embark as an emerging artist on your artistic journey, it is important to keep in mind that inspiration can be found anywhere in the world. By exposing artists and other professionals to diverse cultures, ideas, and practices, Go&See experiences have demonstrated the vast potential that arises from the meeting of artistic traditions and technological innovation. Artists have the opportunity to explore innovative tools and mediums such as virtual reality, immersive experiences, and digital platforms.  Through international exploration, artists and professionals gain fresh perspectives, challenge their own artistic boundaries, and expand their networks. The encounters with different artistic traditions and technological innovations spark creativity, inspire new ideas, and demonstrate the profound impact of cross-cultural collaboration in shaping the future of the performing arts.


Text: Léa Jacquemoire and Anne Nenonen
Photos: TIP project members and Go&See participants

“So dare the unknown, explore beyond your comfort zone and let the world breathe life into your artistic soul.”

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