Netherlands introducing residency artists

Theatre in Palm and ZID Theater organized a residency for emerging artists during ZID Theater’s annual ExploreZ Festival 2024 in Amsterdam in May. Over two weeks, the five selected artists had full access to performances, workshops, and networking opportunities, and showcased their work to the public.

Meet the artists

Dora Draghi

Dora Draghi, an actress, writer, and performing arts worker from Argentina, studied at the National University of the Arts (UNA) in Buenos Aires. She has worked in Argentina, France, Germany, and the Netherlands. Currently with ZID Theater, she is developing ‘De-Icing’ with Melody Fu during her residency at Theatre in Palm.

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Instagram: @doradraghi

Melody Fu

Melody Fu, a multidisciplinary performance artist, completed her master‘s in Theatre Performance and Practices in Scotland and moved to the Netherlands in 2023. She explores connection and expression through bodies and senses, collaborating with cross-cultural organizations across Europe and Taiwan.

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Melody’s website

Avantika Tibrewala

Avantika Tibrewala, a 28-year-old performance artist from India, started her independent career in Amsterdam in 2021. As a guest artist at Plantage Doklaan, she quickly expanded her network with renowned artists.

Ivana Nikolic

Ivana Nikolic is an artist and activist for Roma minority rights. She organizes cultural events, performances, and educational projects. Creator of the podcast “+ROM –RUM,” she highlights Roma culture and history. She received the CILD award in 2015 and was recognized by ERIAC in 2018.

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Milica Petrović

Milica Petrović, a theatre and film actress from Belgrade, Serbia, graduated from the Academy of Arts in 2014. She has worked with several Serbian theaters, TV series, and films. Since 2020, she has been with DAH Theatre, becoming a permanent member in 2021.

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Instagram: @milicaapetrovicc

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