Roadshow year 2024

Theatre in Palm Roadshow in 2024 brings together many of the key elements of the project; creating professional opportunities in collaboration, building networks and encouraging emerging theatre artists to take a bold step to this extraordinary journey of professional growth, connections, and success.

Theatre in Palm Roadshow is taking over in 2024. By clicking the location symbol (where available), you can find more info about the events. Dates and details will be updated as plans become reality.

All of the current 12 Theatre in Palm partner organisations are organising a series of events during the year. New performances and experiences are created exploring theatre and performing art boundaries. Emerging artists are developing their craft and unleashing their creativity in workshops, residencies, multidisciplinary collaborations and naturally on stage.

Different forms and themes

Theatre in Palm Roadshow activity can result as a collaboration with an art gallery or scientists, it can be performed as part of an existing festival or it can be a stand alone theatre performance. Themes vary from exploring conflicts, sealife sustainability to gender based violence, youth, civic participation, social norms and more.

Sharing the experience

One thing is common to all of the activities; you will see the results in some form or another here, on this online platform. It might be a recording of a performance, behind-the-scenes story, artist journal, comic strip, or what ever the artists onboard come up with.

So, stay tuned, all events will be posted on this website in advance and later on the results will be shared here.

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