Romania introducing residency artists 2024

Theatre in Palm and Homemade Culture are organizing a residency for emerging artists from May 19th to May 31st, 2024, in Măgura Răcătău (Cluj). Over the course of the two weeks, the five selected artists will work on a performance that starts from the statement ‘You can’t do good to the planet if you don’t do good to yourself.’

Meet the artists

Alina Pietrăreanu
Alina Pietrăreanu is an interdisciplinary artist interested in exploring the role that art can have in contemporary society. She is the president of the association Sangri-La Artistic Ground and the artistic director of International Performing Arts Festival – Ecosistem. She directed and wrote several theatre shows and performances. She debuted in literature with the novel To live under a constant pressure (Paralela 45 Publishing House, 2022). In the audio medium, she is the co-writer and the director of Orbis – the audio series.

Daiana Sargan
Daiana (b. 1994) works at the crossroads of various practices and media varying from performance, film, and poetry. her last project took place in Tokyo and Nagoya working with dance as a zen practice.  

Diana Dragu
I am Diana Dragu, an interdisciplinary artist, performer, and choreographer. My artistic journey began with the Dance and Performance Academy at the National Dance Center in Bucharest. Then I completed my bachelor’s degree in Choreographic Art at UNATC. I also completed an interdisciplinary program in Bologna, Italy through Erasmus+. When I’m not dancing, I really enjoy making pancakes. If I’m not making pancakes, I’m either doing sports or dancing.

Not so long after getting her bachelor in ambiental design, Georgia discovered contemporary dance and performance. That led her wanting to dedicate herself to that, and good things  followed. She worked as a performer on stage , in unconventional spaces (in a museum or even a mobileapp), but also worked on the other side of it, as an assistant choreographer,coordinator, or assistant (dance) archivist.

Oana Maria Ghiorghilaș
Oana is a tireless traveler and an eternal language learner. A linguist at heart and language teacher in practice, Oana sees theater as a meta language that unifies peoples across borders and echoes a diversity of voices. Her passion for languages and peoples brought her to the very North of Europe, in Sapmi, the land of Indigenous peoples of Norway, where she began practicing theater. Since then she never stopped learning and performing and currently Oana is taking a formal acting education in Lisbon.

Jean-Lorin Sterian
Jean-Lorin Sterian is artist interdisciplinary artist, writer and cultural manager. Between 2008-2015 he opened lorgean theatre, the first domestic performance space in Romania, and in 2014 he founded HomeFest, a performing arts festival that takes place in houses and apartments in Bucharest. In 2018, he started the project pj.lo & the accidentals, a musical chaos of ego trip hop with which he recently released the album There Is Nothing You Can Do From the Light Point of View.

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