Sweden introducing residency artists

In August, Intercult will host their third Theatre in Palm residency in Stockholm. This time the residency venue is Teater Giljotin. The selected residency artists will work together within the themes Social impact and society and Environmental Sustainability and will be guided by the choreographer Robin Jonsson.

Each of the selected artists bring a unique approach and skillset to the residency. The idea is that the different talents and cultural backgrounds will compliment each other in an interesting way. The Stockholm residency participants will also have the unique opportunity to showcase the results of the residency during the Theatre Academy, a 3-day performing arts seminar that is part of the Stockholm Fringe Festival (#STOFF2024). Read more about the Academy here.

Meet the artists

Jana Nunčič – Slovenia

Jana Nunčič (1996, Slovenia) is a freelancing  theatre director and scenographer in the field of alternative/object/site-specific theatre. Jana’s work is characterized by her experimental use of sound installations with DIY objects, interactive happenings in site-specific environments, working with everyday materials and the dynamic interplay between sound, motion, and animation. 

Jana’s education began at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana and pursued in master’s program in directing at DAMU Academy of Performing Arts in Prague.

She co-created performances “Shifting Balance” and “Cycle of things”  both object-sound performances with Luan Goncalves, puppet/sound theatre project “Ptačí sněm” (2022) with Děda productions, Exit by Fekete Seretlek and Studio Damuza, “Lamento for bull and a bullfighter” in puppet theatre Maribor (2023) with Domen Šuman, “Approximate”, opera premiered in NODO 2022 and “De-Approximate” (2022) with Lucie Pachová. This year she is directing in Ljubljanas puppet theatre a performance “Tin House” and sound oriented object performance “POLO” with a wider team.

Instagram: @nuncicj

Sebastian Kurtén – Finland

Sebastian Kurtén is a music producer, sound designer and dancer. His artistic work ranges from international youth workshops to sound design in performing arts and music production for recording artists. Kurtén often finds inspiration in everyday objects and environments. His sound is a creative mix of processed found sounds, instrumental recordings, digital sounds and sampling. Kurtén is interested in finding magic within the casual.

Instagram: @sebastiwan

Photo: Hanna Kushnirenko

Tilde Andersson – Sweden

Tilde Andersson is an actress, dancer and movement performer from Gävle, Sweden but has been based in Stockholm since 2018. Tilde graduated from Calle Flygare Theatre School in 2020 and has since then completed a project year at Sundbybergs community college and the Acting Shakespeare and Shakespeare in Practice course at The Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts in London. She has over the years freelanced in theatre, dance and film and loves combining and exploring voice and body through mime, gesture, dance and any other physical theatre form she works with.

She has been a dancer since age 7 which translated into her love for physical theatre. Tilde is currently writing and producing a play with Teater Luma. Discussing the themes and controversial topic of livestock and the systematic patterns occurring in slaughterhouses that affect both animals and our own human nature. 

Instagram: @tildeeandersson
Showreels: Film + Theatre

Martina Viglietti – Sweden

Martina Viglietti is an Argentinian actor, director, and journalist living in Sweden. She studied at the Universidad Nacional de las Artes in Argentina and holds a Master’s in Acting from the Stockholm Konstnärliga Högskola. Martina’s career began in Buenos Aires, where she worked for many years as a presenter in radio and TV while also performing with a physical theatre company.

In 2017, Martina moved abroad, first to Melbourne, Australia, where she participated in various productions as a performer. Now based in Stockholm, she has co-created her own theatre company, Franca Theatrum. Martina’s current focus is on developing collective, multilingual productions that blend diverse cultures and languages.

Instagram: @marviglietti
Website: martinaviglietti.wixsite.com

William C. Woxlin – Sweden

William C. Woxlin is a playwright, director and composer from Borlänge, Sweden. He has studied playwriting, theatre studies, opera history, philosophy and composing at university. 

He often works interdisciplinary, mixing absurd theatre, music, performance, film, experimental and conceptual art. Within his works, he explores themes concerning the psychological human experience and the social impact in relation to apocalyptic catastrophes, disasters, crises and the environment, often incorporating heavy social criticism and dark tragicomedy.

His works have been showcased in Sweden and internationally. His latest play, “I fjärran hörs ett tivoli” (In the far off distance a carnival can be heard), had its world premiere at Stockholm Fringe Festival in 2023. He was part of the Theatre in Palm Hybrid residency where he traveled to Thessaloniki, Greece and co-directed and co-composed music for the performance ”Anti//Gone : the revolution in three acts”.

Instagram: @williamcwoxlin
Website: www.williamcwoxlin.se


Robin Jonsson – Sweden

Robin Jonsson is a choreographer, producer and sound-artist, currently based in Stockholm. Robin has been creating and touring dance-productions since 2006, in Europe and the world. He was based in Brussels from 2004 to 2015 where he studied at the well known dance school P.A.R.T.S, led by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker,  leader of the dance-company ROSAS. Robin has extensive knowledge of incorporating digital technologies into the choregraphic context. Especial with Robotics and VR but also with AI.

Photo: Teresa Kristoffersson

Instagram: @lostintime.se
Website: www.robinjonsson.net

With support from the international programmes of the Swedish Arts Grants Committee.

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