Theatre Movement: NOUSUT 2023 performances

NOUSUT Festival in Turku, Finland, is a celebration and a platform for new theatre makers to take off, create interesting performances supported by well merited theatre professionals. Festival is organized in collaboration by Turku Arts Academy and Turku based theatre Tehdas Teatteri.

In 2023 the festival gave the stage to 3 different, new and intriguing original pieces, all created by this year´s Turku Arts Academy graduates. The festival gathered a good live audience and offered them unique experiences in different froms of theatre and performing arts.

You can enjoy the performances now also online!

Click the name of the performance to see a recording of the performance:

ISOSISKO (Big Sister) by Ella Jokela
Story about sisters, expectations and ever so good girls.

Girl sitting on the floor with a vacuum cleaner.

ILPO AND AUKUSTI by Isa Kortekangas
Visual and movement based story about syblings and an adult who turns into a child when facing immense fear and grief, leaving the kids to be parents to one another.

Girls standing on stage with feathers pouring on her.
Photo: Jussi Virkkumaa

JEKYLL & HYDE by Eveliina Mäkitalo 
Puppet musical that explores the classic story of Jekyll & Hyde by means of puppetry, pondering what evil is at the end of the day.

Two puppeteers performing with small puppets

NOUSUT is a unique festival born out of the need and desire to connect emerging theatre artists with the already established theatre makers. It plays an important part in the Turku Arts Academy´s curriculum for theatre art studies offering the first year students a place to immerse themselves to the local theatre scene and at the same time, giving the graduating students a chance to shine and find audiences to their work.

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