Hybrid Residency Performance videos

Watch here the performances created by the Hybrid Residency artists during their 2-week residency.

120 artist from 12 countries worked together with their mentors live and online in country TRIOs during two weeks in November 6-17th, 2023 and created together these new and thought provoking performances. Performances were worked around the theme of Environmental Impact, inspired by Antigone and united by one common element: organic material.

TRIO Romania – Bulgaria – Cyprus

Plastigone / Bulgaria, OECON
The human delulu, the human solulu / Cyprus, THOC

TRIO Sweden – Greece – Finland

Intercult, CUBE and Turku Arts Academy

TRIO Italy – Ireland – Belgium

E35 – Smashing Times – Efti

TRIO Spain – Portugal – Netherlands

Gaia / Netherlands, ZID Theatre
Transcorporeality / Spain, Espronceda

A Memory of water and stone / Portugal, JÀIT (coming soon)

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  1. […] On November 17th, the culmination of the 2-week hybrid residency took center stage as 120 artists from 12 European countries performed live on screens across the continent. From Brussels to Reggio Emilia, the theme of the residency centered on the environmental impact and the tragic story of Antigone. The artists showcased multiple ways to incorporate movement, text, music, video, and materials into their online performances, demonstrating a remarkable fusion of creativity and technology. Did you miss the performance? A recording is available here. […]

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