Inspiring Hybrid Residency connections

Two dancers under a hihgway bridge

Theatre in Palm Hybrid Residency in November 2023 brought together 137 theatre and performing art artists to experience and create something unique. Here´s a short look at what was it all about.

12 countries – 12 organisations – 282 applications– 120 participants – 17 mentors


 In August 2023, 120 artists from 12 countries were selected to participate in a 2-week Hybrid Residency taking place in 12 countries. They we selected via an Open Call. The Call attracted altogether 282 applications from around Europe.

Actors, directors, dancers, writers, set designers, musicians, songwriters, light designers, puppeteers and more!

Selected artists worked together with their mentors live and online in country TRIOs during two weeks in November 6-17th, 2023.  First residency week was spent working in their own countries and for the second week the artists travelled to one of their TRIO-countries. During both weeks, TRIO-countries worked online with their other artists in their TRIO- countries. Sounds complicated and to be honest, it was. But with immense focus and dedication, we all made it work.

Although the end results will be performances, artistic processes over these two weeks are at least as important. – Mervi Rankila-Källström, Project Head of Content, Turku Arts Academy


Together the artists explored new ways of working in multidisciplinary teams, in multiple locations, inspiring each other and creating strong connections with new people and fellow artists. Performances were worked around the theme of Environmental Impact, inspired by Antigone and united by one common element: organic material. As a result, they created new and thought-provoking performances that were shared with all the residencies and the world online on the last day of the residency.

The artists presented multiple ways to use movement, text, music, video and materials while performing online. The thought and energy put into the work was clearly visible in every single one of the performances. You can watch the performances here – enjoy them from anywhere in the world, in the comfort of your home, sitting in a bus or anywhere where you can give your time and attention to art and theatre.

It was touching beyond words to see all of the artists create something powerful, all working simultaneously in different countries – separately, but together.


After talking with the residency artists, already after the first week of the Hybrid Residency, we could describe it with the word connecting. Connecting with other artists, environment, materials and creativity both one’s own and collective. We were delighted to see the dedication and joy that was vibrating in all of the TRIOs involved.

The same theme was visible in the feedback we received from the artists after the residency: the best part was to create connections in an international and multidisciplinary community. People shared their knowledge, engaged in deep and meaningful conversations, challenging and supporting each other.

Check also Intercult´s, our partner from Stockholm, marvellous summary of the residency with behind-the-scenes pictures: A Collaborative Journey Across Europe.

Creative process requires an insane trust on the process itself. Trusting that by working, trying, testing, wondering and demonstrating through the not-knowing, you will reach a common enough end result.Minna Haapasalo, Hybrid Residency mentor, Turku Arts Academy


While reminiscing about the moments of shared creativity between our residency artists from all over Europe, we hope to encourage you all to keep finding courage and time for moments of creativity in your everyday life. Especially sharing those moments with others, which is truly powerful.

We are eagerly looking forward creating other inspiring opportunities for cross-cultural collaboration and building the resilience of the theatre community in adapting to the evolving world of performing arts.

A huge thank you to everyone involved. Stay tuned for new adventures ahead!

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